What is the new canadian government dental plan for seniors?

What is the new canadian government dental plan for seniors?

What is the new canadian government dental plan for seniors?

It will be possible to apply online starting in May 2024 if you are 65 to 69 years old. Applying begins in June 2024 for adults with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate and children under the age of eighteen. The temporary Canada Dental Benefit is meant to assist qualifying families making less than $90,000 annually in reducing their dental expenses.


The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) requires that you fulfill all qualifying requirements. To be eligible for the CDCP, you and your husband or common-law partner must both fulfill the requirements. Children under the age of eighteen will be eligible based on their parents' or guardians' eligibility.

    To be eligible for the CDCP,
    • cannot obtain dental insurance.
    • The following is the definition of not having dental insurance
    • No dental insurance via your employer's or a family member's benefits package, including health and wellness accounts.
    • No dental insurance via your or a family member's pension plan from your former employer.
    • No dental insurance that you or a family member purchased on your own, through a group plan from an insurance or benefits provider.
  2. Possess a net family income that is adjusted but less than $90,000.
  3. Be a resident of Canada for tax purposes and have submitted your tax return for the preceding year
  4. Have previously submitted your tax return.


The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) helps pay for a range of oral health care services that maintain the health of your gums and teeth and address potential issues.

As advised by an oral health physician, some examples of services that could be covered under the CDCP are as follows:

  • prosthodontic services, such as full and partial removable dentures;
  • periodontal services, such as deep scaling;
  • oral surgery services, such as extractions;
  • preventive services, such as scaling (cleaning), polishing, sealants, and fluoride;
  • diagnostic services, such as exams and x-rays; restorative services, such as fillings; endodontic services, such as root canal treatments.


Individuals who qualify for the CDCP are exempt from having to spend the entire amount out of pocket. Rather of having patients ask Sun Life for reimbursement for treatments covered by the plan, oral health practitioners engaged in the CDCP will have to send the claims straight to Sun Life for payment.

There may be a co-payment for certain plan participants, however the CDCP will refund a portion of any qualified costs. The portion of CDCP expenses that are not covered by the program that individuals who are eligible for it must pay directly to the oral health professional is known as a co-payment. Your family's net income after adjustments determines your co-payment.

Before obtaining care, patients should always check with their oral health practitioner what expenses are not covered by the plan and what they will be responsible for paying.

Based on the adjusted net income of the household, co-payments

Net family income adjusted for inflation to what extent will the CDCP pay? The amount you'll pay

Adjusted family net income How much will the CDCP cover How much you will cover
Lower than $70,000 At the CDCP-established prices,%100 eligible all qualified oral health care service charges will be paid in full. %0
Between $70,000 and $79,999 60% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. %40
Between $80,000 and $89,999 40% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. %60

You can reach out the detail information What is covered - Canada.ca


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